This Autumn term UKS2, (Years 5 & 6, 8-10 years old children), are exploring the driving question ‘How do we survive?’ based on our Vincentian Value of ‘We believe in practical hands-on hard work and we learn from our mistakes.’

St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School in London teaches the curriculum using project based learning. This means that we have an overall project for the term that we use to teach subjects (excluding Maths). This insures that everything we do is cross curricular and fits together giving the children the best possible learning experience we can.

To do this in UKS2 for ‘How so we survive?’ project, we used the book ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell. We read the book while incorporating our lessons around the chapters. For this example, we read through the chapter ‘fire’ and to incorporate Outdoor Learning we (staff) wanted the children to write a set of instructions on how to create fire and how to put it out safely.

Example of our outdoor learning.pptx Fire practical lesson Read fire chapter Fire instruction lesson