The tools in this toolbox will support teachers to move from traditional instructional approaches to the development of innovative pedagogical practices and to extend these innovations in a structural manner.


The Utopia Framework

The Utopia Framework  helps teachers model learning experiences, build horizontal connections across areas of knowledge and content domains, integrate 21st Century and transversal skills and use strategies that can reinforce each other.

The framework is an organizational chart, to be used alongside any method, that synthesizes every important topic to be considered in the process of developing learning experiences from idea to learning outcomes, assessment and reflection.


To support the implementation of the framework,  we developed a guideline that provides teachers with evidence and background information on the teaching strategies and other essential aspects of the framework.

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Through (self)-reflection, you can improve your teaching, and in doing so, help strenghten the community.
The reflective inquiry cards for community-based learning will help you get a better understanding of your community.


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