These tutorials will support you in developing high-quality

and innovative teaching methods and help you deliver on inclusive education.

Framing ‘learning’

‘What constitutes engaging and meaningful cross-curricular learning experiences that transcend subject boundaries and interconnect with the community and/or take place in an outdoor environment?’

You will gain more insight on what cross- curricular teaching is and how it works next to obstacles and enablers of cross-curricular teaching. You will develop skills to implement cross-curricular in your practice.

What a wonderful world!

Teachers should make better use of the environment in and outside their classroom. The outdoor lends itself well to building on the motivation of children and to connect teaching to other  contexts. Connecting learning experiences with the local environment, with multiple opportunities to interact with citizens, architecture, culture, nature… can help children to better understand real life challenges and look at the world from multiple perspectives.


Connecting research to practice

To adapt to changes, teachers could benefit from research. Evidence-based practice is essential for the education of the future. However, valuable research is not easy to acquire, interpret and implement within the daily practice. A lot of sources present complex data, rarely accessible or attuned to the needs of teachers. We aim to provide teachers  with basic skills to enable them to acquire, sift through, interpret and implement relevant research in their daily practice.


21st Century Skills

How to use eTwinning

eTwinning is a free online community for schools in Europe, which allows you to find partners and collaborate on projects within a secure network and platform.

Through participating in eTwinning, you will be able to enrich learning and motivation of pupils and staff, access high quality professional development and ready-made resources, raise standards across the whole school communityand gain recognition for your commitment through eTwinning awards.

Fully Guided Instruction

Disputes about the impact of instructional guidance during teaching have been ongoing for more than a half century. When do pupils learn best? You can learn about it in this article by Richard E. Clark, Paul A. kirschner, and John Sweller.

Frames of mind


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