Forgotten Feasts Lesson Plans

Leek and potato bakeCHEEKY COURGETTE RISOTTO Food tasting Session

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mango crumble

Year 6 have investigated which are the ‘forgotten feasts’ of Bro Banw – which nutritious vegetables are being neglected by our pupils? We created a survey which went out to all pupils to establish which vegetables were hardly eaten, if at all. The pupils were then challenged to create exciting and nutritious recipes which would be made into recipe boxes and sold in our community shop. Each of the recipes included a vegetable that was ‘forgotten’, i.e. courgettes, sweet potato, mango, leek. Activities involved completing taste testing, calculating the costs of their recipes, investigating the nutritional value of their ‘forgotten feast’,  creating a video showing their recipes step-by-step and finally cooking their recipes and evaluating their success.