Waste Wizards Project Lesson Plans

The ‘Waste Wizards’ is an ongoing project we have started with our year 5 pupils. It is based around the global food waste problem and how it is contributing to climate change. We have recently opened a community shop on our school groups. The shop is stocked with surplus or food that would otherwise go to waste. The Waste Wizards are donated food by our shop on a weekly basis and then enjoy creating recipes from the surplus food. The Waste Wizards have been selling their produce to our parents and school community at the end of the school day and also handing out recipes to encourage the community to use up their food waste instead of throwing away.

Our Waste Wizards have now opened a cafe on our school yard so they can sell to school pupils on a weekly basis and also have the experience of running and participating in a number of enterprise roles. We plan, in a few weeks to publish a recipe book based around everything we have produced so far. We feel this project has unlimited and exciting possibilities. Logo food wastew wizards waste wizards project overview

Waste Wizards Menu

waste wizards lesson 1 cooking 2 waste wizards lesson 1 cooking waste wizards lesson 1 waste wizards lesson 2 waste wizards project overview