The Switch Ditch

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During our 2021 Autumn term, our year 5 and 6 cohort opened a school ‘swap-shop’ named by the pupils as ‘The Switch Ditch’. The project was based around the digital competence topic of screen time and its main purpose being to encourage others to develop a better screen time balance by engaging in non-screen time activities. It also has strong eco and ethical links – pupils are encouraged to reuse rather than throw away or waste.

How does the ‘Switch Ditch’ operate? 

The ‘Switch Ditch’ is open to pupils every break-time. It is managed by a group of year 5 and 6 pupils. Any pupils can visit and swap something they have brought with a non-screen time activity such as a book, a board game, an outdoor game or even soft toy. For example, if a pupil has a book from home they no longer want or need, they can bring it into the Switch Ditch and swap it with a new book that they can then keep. The daily swaps keep everything in the switch ditch fresh. The project has been a big hit with all our pupils and has generated a lot of excitement. Further more, this project could easily be adapted and recreated in another school setting.