-To know the emblematic historical monuments of the town, main streets, prominent people and what they meant for Bellpuig.
-To value our space, take care of it and be interested in our culture.

Pre-visit activities:
-Previous knowledge.
-Situation of our School on the map and mark the route we will take on the day of departure.
-We talk about the 3 most important historical monuments in Bellpuig: The Castle, The Church of Sant Nicolau and the Convent of Sant Bartomeu. Who has ever seen them and where they are located. What do they know?

Visit for Bellpuig
A tour of the squares and streets of our city with brief explanations.

Post-departure activities.
-Dossier of activities, to know the shield of Bellpuig, outstanding personages: Valeri Serra, Ramon Folch, … Important places and streets.