The Key Stage 1 project is on ‘Living and Learning.’ The aim of this project is to enable the children to answer our driving question ‘How do our mistakes help us to learn?’ Throughout this topic we will be focusing on our Vincentian value ‘We believe in practical hands on hard work and learning from our mistakes. The children will gain a deeper insight into how mistakes enable us to be a better learner and how hard work and perseverance help us to achieve our personal goals and support others along the way.

The children will be given the opportunity to explore a variety of texts to support the English element of our project. They will research significant historical figures, including Albert Einstein and be given the opportunity to explore the best way of making a paper towel holder. We will look at events beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally. This will include The Great Fire of London and enhance our fire safety learning, highlighting how historical events can have an influence on our practices today.

As we approach the season of Advent the children will be given the opportunity to plan and make Christmas cards, identifying mistakes made along the way and evaluating their improvements. We will be supporting the Catholic Social Teaching Element, Call to family, community and participation by sending these cards to people who may be feeling isolated during this season.

We will study Animals, including Humans in Science, where the children will have the opportunity to explore the human body, investigate the impact exercise has on the body and develop an understanding of the importance of a balanced diet by researching the food groups and creating a ‘healthy plate.’ 

The children will be given the opportunity to showcase their learning by creating a ‘Growth Mindset’ presentation to showcase to parents and pupils across the school. This will consolidate learning and spread the message and answer to our driving question.  All the above will develop and celebrate the children’s new found knowledge of how both hard work and reflecting on mistakes help us to learn, grow and achieve.