LKS2 Summer 2022 Project

The project is investigating the Vincentian Value of ‘We build relationships based on trust’ with the key driving question ‘How can we teach others about staying fit and healthy?’ We will begin our project by looking at what it means to be fit and healthy, exploring how God has given us stewardship of ourselves and our wider community and how we can share this information with our wider community.

Further research will be done on the intricacies of the different systems contained within the human body such as the digestive, skeletal, and muscular structures. The children will then look at how these systems are supported by a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle. To support their learning further, the children will plan a balanced meal
within a small budget which they buy from a local grocery store, prepare in school and eat. This will further enable them to share their learning at home and in the future. The children will be producing non-chronological reports to detail their findings in both of these areas to support articles 3, 24, and 33 from the UNCRC.

Children will explore the importance of looking after our bodies and our environment with sustainable choices. Children will investigate if there is such a thing as only ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods and how we can distinguish between these choices. They will showcase their understanding through a persuasive piece of writing. They will also research further about positive role models who show a fit, balanced lifestyle, this will then lead to us looking at how these role models are supported by a healthy, balanced diet. We will then compare their diets and lifestyles to athletes from the past with a specific focus on the Roman Civilisation who were renowned for their Gladiator games. We will then evaluate how our lives changed and evolved from this point. The children will explore how the influence of people, alcohol, drugs and tobacco has an impact on a healthy lifestyle.  The children will look further at how they can impart their new knowledge to those in their community by conducting an activity survey, designing movement breaks for all of the children and further delivering this as a warm up for all children into our upcoming sport’s day. To further inspire the children, they will be designing their
own ‘school anthem’ with an accompanying musical score. The children will then pass on their new found knowledge to younger children in both key stage one and Early year’s foundation stage by planning, writing and reading their own fictional story that details how they can stay fit and healthy for the future.

LKS2 PBL Plan – summer 2022.docx