Trees framework Trees through the seasons - presentation Presentation text Activities

Bees and plants

Bee friendly plants Good practice_bees and plants

The way of the bread

Good practices_BG_The_way_of_the_bread Ritual bread in Bulgaria

Handmade and decoration of ceramic clay plates

Good practices_BG_The_ancient_mosaics The_Ancient_mosaics

KS1 Project – How do our mistakes help us to learn?

The Key Stage 1 project is on ‘Living and Learning.’ The aim of this project is to enable the children to answer our driving question ‘How do our mistakes help us to learn?’ Throughout this topic we will be focusing on our Vincentian value ‘We believe in practical...

LKS2 Project – Staying fit and healthy

LKS2 Summer 2022 Project The project is investigating the Vincentian Value of ‘We build relationships based on trust’ with the key driving question ‘How can we teach others about staying fit and healthy?’ We will begin our project by looking at what it means to be fit...

Early Years: Superheroes project (Spring 2022)

Here is the project for the youngest children in our school in Reception. It is  on ‘Superheroes’ with our driving question being, ‘What makes a superhero a hero?’. It links with our Vincentian value of ‘we are respectful of the dignity and wishes of the individual’...

UKS2 @ St Vincent’s – What does it mean to give your heart

UKS2: STEM Project@ St Vincent's -  What does it mean to give your heart to someone? This project is over a term and will be investigating the driving question “What does it mean to give your heart to someone?” This project will provide opportunities to think about...

Let’s get to know our town better!

Aims: -To know the emblematic historical monuments of the town, main streets, prominent people and what they meant for Bellpuig. -To value our space, take care of it and be interested in our culture. Pre-visit activities: -Previous knowledge. -Situation of our School...

Harvesting olives